Class 3: Road to SDN


In today’s class, we will discuss the paper, The Road to SDN: An Intellectual History of Programmable Networks.

First, we will go through the list of questions from your reading assignment. I will then briefly describe Mininet, and how to use it for your research projects. I will then provide an overview of some of the recent trends in the area of software-defined networking.

The key learning objective for today’s class is to understand the intellectual history of SDN, how it enables network automation (which in turn enables self-driving networks), and get exposed to some of the latest trends in SDN.

Discussion Summary

TBD. You will receive bonus points for scribing/blogging today’s class.

Next Class

In next class, we will discuss the paper, Odin: Microsoft’s Scalable Fault-Tolerant CDN Measurement System. Please fill out the reading assignment form before the class.